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Once upon a time .....

It all started with a name and a play on words.

On a drive to London the band name appeared in Peel's head and the Rain was quickly changed to Reign. "Too much hubris!!" yelled cautious Peel. "You gotta be up front in this business!" shouted incautious Peel....

For a while people had been saying to him that they would like to hear him in a guitar band, playing more. And for a long while he had missed the old trio's, the Groundhogs, Taste, Cream, The Jimi Hendrix Experience. So, the time seemed perfectly right to try it. Let's play loud and deep and loose. Let's jam and let's do it with properly constructed songs! Icarus knew exactly what he needed to showcase his talents and set about completing the jigsaw. First and foremost Icarus needed a 'big throb' bass sound that would compliment his own talents. Enter Andy Budge, and, as Icarus soon found out, no one plays the bass as deep and 'throbbing' as Andy Budge. To complete the rhythm section Brian Rushbrooke was recruited on drums. Brian was a very technically gifted drummer who gave the band the pulse they needed. Soon after the release of 'The Window On the Side Of Your Head' Brian started to get serious pain in his hands and made the difficult decision to leave the band. After Brian's departure, Jay Robertson, the most musical and flexible of drummer's, seamlessly took over the stool. With Jay's arrival, and the energy he brings with him, the Reign's pulse beats stronger and harder than ever before.

The songs are real songs, not just frames for excessive lead guitar. Purpose built for The Reign, giving them a sound that is virtuosic, yet still has a groove that runs deep and loud.

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